Anonymous said: RE: Your post about TW and 1D. Yes. You were being biased, bitch.

Aw, sweet. I bet you’re a Directioner.

Btw, I think you can do better than calling me a bitch and posting as anonymous.


I like The Wanted better than 1D. Yea, theyre so not as good looking and adorbs as 1D but their vocals, I love.

Im not being biased or anything but its kinda stupid when after the twitter war, 1D is still seen as perfect boys while TW now have so many haters. Cmon guys, seriously? When 1D speaks bad things about TW most of you are “oyea!” “go louis!” “#thingsmorepopularthanthewanted” but when TW speaks “BOOOOOO!” is expected. Even Eleanor had something to say.. Girl, you wouldnt even be dating or know Louis if he havent gone to X factor. So, yea, whatevs guys. Make sure yall rooting for the right persons.

The feeling of having new and clean bed sheets.